Bio-Sveltine Anti-Cellulite Corporal

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Lipid reducing Complex, which helps to smoothen and to reduce lipid accumulation and liquid retention in the subcutaneous tissue. LIPO-DISOLV (rose): works directly on the accumulated fat, while dissolving and destroying it. LIPO-ABSORB (yellow): eliminates the lipid remains in the adipose tissue, freed during the first action.


  • Manually: Alternative sessions of the biological LIPO-DISOLV (rose) and LIPO-  ABSORB (yellow) should be applied while carrying out an insistent massage.
  • By ionization:  Alternative sessions of the biological LIPOSOLV-BIO(rose) and  LIPOSORB-BIO (yellow) during 10 to 15 minutes. Because of  the content of Potassium, the product should be ionized by the positive pole.

Presentation:   Box with 8 ampoules.

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