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Albert d’Arnal

Albert d’Arnal was born in 1975, to serve the great boom of new beauticians recently trained in Spanish schools, using their advice methods on products appropriate for their activity. Right from the beginning, Albert d’Arnal‘s concept has been based on the following principles:

Universality. The aim to cover all needs, created both for Beauty Salons and for Home Treatments.

Sinergy. To combine in its products and treatments the right methods and elements, in order to complement these factors for a better final result.

Continuous investigation and developmentAlbert d’Arnal is under constant renovation. New products are continously brought into the market as in permanent update and innovation.

Training. When new products are launched, both technical and commercial training are provided in order to keep both Distributors and Estheticians up to date.

Innovation and commercial adaptation. The distributors of Albert d’Arnal have the greatest possible ability to respond to technical and commercial answers in case of esthetic problems.

Unbeatable quality/price ratio. Because of a high productivity, Albert d’Arnal‘s product positioning allows great advantages in comparison with its competitors.

Publicity. Support with advertising campaigns in general, publicity at the distribuitor’s sales points with explicit catalogues.

Promotional productsAlbert d’Arnal provides its customers with sales stands and displays for their sales points, promotional products and samples, in order to commercialize the products

Albert d’Arnal, conscious of the world-wide extension, seeks to extend the product sales to all markets. Therefore, the company is willing to fulfil a great technical and commercial effort to meet up with the necessities of its future distributors.

The Group has created: École Albert d’Arnal, school for professionals. This entity coordinates and provides all kind of courses, in order to achieve the best training for their distributors, beauticians, estheticians, beauty institutes and customers.

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